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“A brand is no longer what you say it is, it’s what they say it is.”
Marty Neumeier
Marty Neumeier
American Author & Entrepreneur
Intro Fuel Marketing Social Media | Influencer Marketing Agency in Canada

This is our why...

Intro Fuel is an influencer marketing agency in Canada that does things differently. The first step in all our campaigns is simple: A story. Marketing is about storytelling, not showing off trendy outfits on social media using popular people. With the increasing strictness from governing boards, the scrutiny marketers are getting, and privacy crackdowns, we understand that advertising needs to work to earn the consumer’s permission to advertise more. A relationship needs to be built before anyone is pulling out their credit card.

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Quality Guarantee

If you like it… Buy it. If you don’t… Don’t.

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Live in as little as two weeks.

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Influencer MArketing

We understand consumers don’t thumb through social feeds with their credit card handy – they’re there to consume content. That’s why everything we do starts with a great story.

Influencer Marketing Content | Influencer Marketing Agency in Canada
| Influencer Marketing Agency in Canada

Full Influencer Campaign Management

Running a campaign is time consuming and capital intensive. We work with you to establish the messaging, strategy, & KPI’s based on your unique goals and objectives. From there, we handle the rest.

Consulting for
In-House Influencer Marketing Teams

With the right team and systems in place, it makes sense to create and manage your campaigns in-house. We help you build, manage, and report on your own influencer programs.

Intro Fuel Influencer Consulting | Influencer Marketing Agency in Canada

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Plug n' Play

You know the messaging that opens your customer's hearts (& wallets). We'll take what's already working for you, and plug it into an engaging influencer campaign.

Nano-Influencer Focused

The most intimate communities are composed of family, friends, and colleagues. We strategically partner with those who allow us access to these networks.

Controlled Messaging

We certainly don't put words in anybody's mouth, but it's important you get what you're looking for. That's why all influencer content is submitted to us for approval first.

100% Organic

By finding influencers who truly resonate with your brand, we create content as organic as a conversation around the dinner table.

Quality Guaranteed

We're so confident in our ability to create only the best content for you, that everything is quality guaranteed. Don't love it? It's free.

Fit to Your Budget

Your in-house influencer program designed & optimized for your unique situation. We'll build, train, and mentor your team to run the best campaigns possible.

We believe in different

Scale & Optimize an influencer marketing program for your brand today with one of Canada's top influencer marketing agencies.

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Our diverse and unique portfolio of clients forces us to consistently be a leader in this space. We think our work speaks for itself, so check out some of the cool projects we have played a role in.

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