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We aimed to breakthrough the stereotypical auto dealership advertising messages by passing the microphone to the customer.
Auction Direct's business model is unique – no hassle, no haggle. They don't force their customers to negotiate for a good rate, rather giving them the best price upfront.
We knew this approach was one consumers would appreciate.


Auction Direct

Auction Direct



We found 25 local Auction Direct social media ambassadors who mimicked what our client’s typical customer looked like. Included in the campaign were hair stylists, estheticians, auto enthusiasts, sport team mascots, and teachers. The idea was, “let’s select people who talk to other people.”

They were brought into the dealership, given the tour, and asked to select a car on the lot to test drive.


Salespeople introduced them to the unique business model and spent time building a relationship with the ambassador – both in the dealership and out on the street.

Ambassadors shared the experience on their social media channels and with their friends in person.


Twenty-five ambassadors were selected for the campaign, each posting twice on their feeds and several times on their Instagram Story.

After 50 individual uploads, our campaign accumulated…


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