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Hmm.., maybe it's your influencer partners? content strategy? mobile optimisation? traffic strategy?

Influencer Strategy Audit – what is it & why is it important?

We’re still in the infancy of the influencer marketing industry.​

Simply put, traditional agencies often aren’t built to run optimized influencer campaigns effectively. Meanwhile, it’s a major undertaking to assemble in-house teams.

With any new industry, there are a ton of new people jumping in, hoping to get in on the action. If you want help identifying areas of opportunity (& weakness), click “Get Started” to request your influencer strategy audit.

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Who is this influencer campaign audit for?

New To The Industry

Perfect for the industry's late-adopters who want to get caught up to other's who are already seeing 5x ROAS.


For those who have tested influencers, like what they see, and want a second opinion.

Dissatisfied Clients

Unhappy with your current agency's performance? Have us perform an audit on your current campaign.

Our Agency's Industry Experience

Signs you should be worried...

Is your campaign experiencing any one of these six symptoms?

Low Campaign ROI

The industry's average 5x ROI makes shareholders happy. If you're not seeing results, now is the time to act.

Inauthentic Engagement

One of the biggests areas for concern is inauthentic followers and engagement. Don't fall victim to it.

Low Website Clicks

Getting higher CTRs from paid advertising? Perhaps it's how you're directing traffic.

Management Difficulty

Finding it a lot to manage in-house? No doubt. This is one of the industry's major painpoints.

Poor Content Quality

There's a lot of noise on social media. If your sponsored content isn't engaging, you're missing out.

Lack of Experience

Haven't been in the industry long enough to know the do's and don'ts? That's when you can lean on us.

What's included in your influencer audit?

1 / Analysis of your own social channels

Remember, your social channels are where your customers get their first impression.

2 / Identification of the best channels for your audience

Discover which channels your customers spend the most amount of time on.

3 / Assessment of your influencer niche targeting

Partnering with the right influencers is what can set your campaign apart.

4 / advice on the size of influencer's you should focus on

The size of the audiences your content creators influence has major budget and awareness implications.

5 / Suggestions on your ideal volume of influencer partners

The volume of influencers you partner with should align with your marketing goals and objectives.

6 / Report on Instagram Podding issues

Few people are aware of the signs and risks of having your influencers active in Instagram pods.

7 / Audit on the authenticity of your influencer's audiences

Inauthentic followers and engagement is one of the biggest concerns in the influencer marketing industry.

8 / Assessment of the quality of your influencers

Poor quality content gets pushed down social algorithms faster than a speeding ticket.

9 / Deep dive into the quality of your sponsored content

Sponsored content should still be engaging, personal, and relatable. You lose if yours isn't.

10 / Influencer traffic opportunity analysis

Are you directing traffic from influencers to the best landing page? We'll find out.

Why our clients chose Intro Fuel Marketing Agency...

Quality Guarantee

Every single piece of our creator's content is backed by our quality guarantee. Don't absolutely love it? Don't pay for it. Standard in all campaigns.

Performance Based

Available in all our campaigns is performanced based pricing. Are you more comfortable knowing that you're paying for real results? Don't blame you.

Real-Time Reporting

Benefit from being able to monitor your campaign's performance in real-time. Download reports, view analytics, and share with your team.

Quick Turnaround Time

We understand you have your own responsibilities . That's why we work around the clock to ensure the campaign is delivered according to your timeline.


Simply take a look at our blog and you'll see that we hold nothing back. We make you aware of every step we take to ensure you're happy and well-informed.

Value-First Mentality

We begin every client relationship by giving something away for free. If we can't provide value upfront, we don't deserve your business. Period.

Are you interested in having us build, manage, and report on your influencer marketing strategy?

If your only responsibility in regards to your brand’s influencer strategy was leaning back in your chair and receiving our Friday afternoon reports, perhaps you’d be a candidate for our agency’s Full Influencer Campaign Management service. 

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