Who We Are.

Intro Fuel does things differently.

The first step in all our campaigns is simple: A story. Marketing is about storytelling, not showing off trendy outfits on social media using popular people.


Story-Driven Influencer Marketing at our core.

With the increasing strictness from governing boards, the scrutiny marketers are getting, and privacy crackdowns, we understand that advertising needs to work to earn the consumer’s permission to advertise more. A relationship needs to be built before anyone is pulling out their credit card.

We tap into emotions and personal memories by introducing consumers to a brand through content that only they can resonate with. The influencers and content creators we select have deep, personal connections with our clients, allowing them to create meaningful content for their audiences that extends far beyond a product and a selfie. 

The visuals are organic and original, not staged. The captions are vivid and unique, not scripted. The influencer to brand relationship is fused with years of prior dedication and personal investment. Nothing to force.

The unique strategies we use allow us to cut through the noise and engrain our client’s brand and messaging into the minds of their target audience. They become something their customers think about every day. The first one that comes to mind when asked for a recommendation, and the one they turn to when they need something. In today’s world, without meaningful stories and emotionally engaging content, nobody is getting permission to market to their customers.

This is honest marketing. This is how we work. This is our why.

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Our do's and don'ts

We do

  • Offer guaranteed quality
  • Start with the customer in mind
  • Base our content around a story
  • Build influencer programs to fit your budget
  • Treat our clients like family​

We don't

  • Work with inauthentic influencers
  • Forget to properly vet influencers
  • Bill our clients unethically

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