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As great and energetic as Downtown Dartmouth is, it’s a total hidden gem. Emphasis on the word hidden. Attitudes about Downtown Dartmouth were fixated on the trek across the bridge from Halifax, or that Dartmouth didn’t have the fun microbreweries, restaurants, and retail shops that Downtown Halifax can offer.


B'Y Local Dartmouth





B’Y Local Dartmouth is home to over 20 small businesses locally and independently owned in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. The businesses support one another, recommend each other’s food and retail items and genuinely pull for one another. The goodwill that vibrates through the community starts with the owners of these small businesses.

The most frustrating part was that Dartmouth is not what it used to be.


People who had lived in Halifax and HRM for the last 20 years had stopped considering Downtown Dartmouth as a destination for an afternoon pint, or a bit of Christmas shopping in December. This began to all turnaround once the small businesses banding together. 

Radio ads can only tell you about the great businesses that the B’Y Local community has to offer, but how can we show the HRM the kind of turnaround Downtown Dartmouth had made?

The Plan

We decided that the best way to show the HRM what B’Y Local Dartmouth is all about is to put our cities most influential personalities on the job. We deployed well-connected nano and micro influencers all over Downtown Dartmouth. Over the span of five months, our influencers visited each and every B’Y Local member on a monthly basis and spent time experiencing the energy in Downtown Dartmouth.


Our influencers uploaded Instagram Stories while they were out on site visiting each B’Y Local member to show the real-time experience they were having while cultivating curiosity from their followers about where they had the amazing pint, the delicious burger platter, or got the cute house plant. The following day, the influencers would upload a grid post to their Instagram detailing the experience, highlighting their favourite parts and revealing all the details about their afternoon spent rediscovering Downtown Dartmouth.

The Results

Over the course of five months and over 60 influencer visits, our influencers enlightened the region about a not-so-hidden gem across the bridge. 


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