Influencer Marketing Management

Full Campaign Strategy & Management

Your campaign. Your messaging. Conceptualized, implemented, and managed – top to bottom.

Management & Strategy

Expertly crafted campaigns, flawlessly executed.

Custom-built campaigns to fit your marketing objectives

We meet with you to strategize your campaign, then we get to work on sourcing influencers, managing collaborations, and reporting on success.


We work with you to determine your campaign messaging, strategy, and implementation. Our goal is to ensure your KPIs are hit and your hearts are happy.

Campaign Brief

After you sign off on our proposed campaign brief, we'll send it to the accepted influencers. This way, they know exactly what you're looking for.

Influencer Application

To ensure only the most relevant influencers are included in your campaign, we identify their audience and put them through a rigorous application process.

Influencer Sourcing

We combine manual sourcing and influencer platforms to find the most qualified, relevant, and influential personalities in your industry.


Your entire influencer team is managed by us. We handle the day-to-day communication, so you can sit back and focus on what you do best.

Reporting on KPIs

We'll work with your team to determine what metrics are most important to measure based on your marketing goals & objectives.

Why hire an agency?

Every situation is unique. Full influencer campaign management doesn’t make sense for every business, so here’s a few things to consider when deciding whether to hire an agency or manage in-house.


Does your team have the right expertise? To do influencer marketing well, you need to delegate tasks.


Influencer marketing isn”t something you can half-ass. Managing dozens of influencers requires the right systems to be in place. 


To do influencer marketing at scale, you need a dedicated team. This means employee wages needs to be factored in.

Think you can handle this in-house?

We offer consulting services for in-house influencer marketing programs.