Influencer Marketing

Our influencers create content that your customers actually want to consume.


A good story is behind everything we do.

Influencer Marketing Halifax

Understanding how people engage online

Social media users aren't scrolling through newsfeeds with their credit cards in hand – they're there to consume content, engage with friends and family, and enjoy what others are enjoying.


Content that forces consumers to stop thumbing through their feed.


Captions that are exclusively feature and benefit driven rarely work. Our campaigns are driven by purpose – there's a reason for consumers to take notice.


We uncover what your customers are interested in, as well as what they struggle with. We then create content that satisfy these needs.


There's a strategy behind your campaign. Influencers are sourced, vetted, and put through a rigorous application process.


Standard in all of our campaigns is content approval. Prior to having anything uploaded, influencers send us their content for approval.


While the content is controlled, it's still organic. With a bit of direction, influencers create their own visuals and captions.

“Your top of the funnel content must be intellectually divorced from your product but emotionally wed to it.”
Joe Chernov
Vice-President of Marketing

Sponsored Content Engagement

Sponsored content typically sees 30-50% lower engagement than an influencer’s average, but we wouldn’t know what that’s like…

- 1 %
sponsored content industry average

Feature and benefit driven copy, with strong call-to-actions is seen by less people and has a weaker impact.

+ 1 %
our sponsored content average

Our campaign averages +19% higher engagement than influencer averages. We do this through story-driven content.